PierFinane – A Unique Financial Solutions Provider..

PierFinance is managed by two interim professionals with experience and qualifications in valuations, financial reporting and investment appraisal.

Contemporary financial reporting standards are becoming more and more challenging and therefore place more pressure on the financial administration departments of small and mid-sized companies. The reporting requirements demand a fair value measurement for a significant number of balance sheet positions. Determination of a value of financial derivatives or intangible assets requires applications of sophisticated valuation techniques, reaching far beyond the traditional pool of accounting knowledge within finance departments.

In today’s current climate businesses require a more structured approach towards investment decision making. Tapping into various sources of investment capital involves meeting standards that have been elevated by much bigger players and thus involves employing the best in class solutions. The experience we gained at Big-4 is an asset that will be at your disposal at a competitive price.


PierFinance offers comprehensive financial advise on an interim basis. Our aim is to enable our clients to perform the majority of the work as possible themselves. Our interim consultants will provide the required knowledge for the particular field and supply any additional short term capacity that maybe required. We can assist you in preparing the appropriate documentation, which you present to your auditors, legal authorities or potential investors.

Our financial knowledge consists of the following areas:

punktor Financial reporting valuations
punktor Accounting standards conversions
punktor Investment advisory

If your business is searching for a seamless and cost competitive financial solutions process then look no further. We will provide you with a tailor made approach that can be judged by yourself on the benefits of our cooperation.

Our objective is to open your business to a whole new world of endless opportunities.



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